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With Quicken Deluxe, you'll be able to see all your checking, loans in one place
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Intuit, Inc.

Quicken is a finances and accounting application for Windows. This application has been around for more than 12 years now. Much has changed and much is going to change. The major changes have been due to the new technologies that the Internet has brought upon us and how we have more freedom to do things online. Quicken allows you to interact with your bank accounts and retrieve any data that can be retrieved from them. Thus, you save time in not having to manually input all your costs and the money that you get. The application can work hand in hand with more than 1900 banks across the United States. It also works with brokerage companies and 401(k) companies. Since its beginnings, the application has been characterized for giving you sound advice about what you should do to get to your goals. The application even asks you what your goals are and gives you practical tips for achieving them. With this version of Quicken, they have more than 15 million users. They can't possibly be all wrong. Quicken 2004 adds support for paying bills online. The user interface is also better for seeing exactly where your money is going. With each version, they seem to be going one step further. Who knows what will Quicken 2005 have.

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